One day I might be doing product or design photography, the next day I might be photographing horses… And I love. every. minute.

Branding + Design

Headshots, your brand, and completely focused on your services. Whether you make a product, or design a home, I make sure your skills are highlighted. When you are in front of the camera more, it sells your product. Let me help!

Product Photography

I lean towards all natural light when photographing products but will also use off camera lighting for best lighting conditions. Once we discuss your vision, I strive for uniformity for the styling of your product.

Equine + Animals

Big time animal lover here. I strongly believe if you have horses, make them into art for your walls. This goes for any pet really- and, get photographed with them. If you are selling a horse, its even more important to have them professionally photographed.

Laura McLauchlin

Dallas, TX

(214) 830-4298

My Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 7pm