Hi, I’m Laura

I’m a portrait + wedding photographer located about 50 miles east of Dallas, Texas. My typical week includes taking care of our little ‘farm’ of horses, chickens, dogs, and cows, while chasing around our 1 year old. Throughout the week you can find me shooting product photos or portraits and on the weekend I’m rounding up a wedding party. 

If you’re here because you are needing new headshots or branding, I’m so glad you’re here! Personal presence on your website sells your product, creates connection for your audience, and I want to help you capture all of that.

If you’re here because you have a horse you need photographed, I love that! Make them your art, be photographed with them, or we are photographing them to sell- and the best lighting and angles are very important.

I absolutely love the diversity of shooting photography. I shoot natural light mostly, but also use off camera lighting and enjoy the technicalities of shaping the best light for my subject, whatever it may be. I cant wait to hear from you and work together!